My love affair with photography began 30 years ago and I am more passionate about it today than ever. I shoot in both 35 mm film and digital formats, although for most of my life I used film. Improvements in digital technology as well as the convenience have begun to push my preference towards digital. Advances in digital format have introduced the ability to print photos on many different types of media with incredible results. Transfer of images to canvas is one of the fastest growing areas and one that can significantly change the feeling and impact of the photographs. I have a full time job with a custom picture framing company to pay the bills and do not get to travel as often as I would like, but have found a plethora of material fairly close to home.  Beauty is everywhere and can be found in the most common of places, you just need to take the time and look around you.

Most of my work consists of images shot in Oregon
with some from
Alaska and Hawaii. Oregon has such a vast amount of beauty to capture, you don't have to go far to experience it. I have always loved photographing barns and old buildings, so it was no surprise that when I saw my first covered bridge a new subject to pursue was born. My wife and I have visited the majority of the covered bridges in Oregon and a couple in Washington. The covered bridges each have their own unique settings and structure with many with colorful histories. Touring the state to see these exposed me to many out of the way creeks, waterfalls and a vineyard or two along the way.

It was in part from those trips that I was discovered the beauty that lies in the many Oregon vineyards. Having spent many hours wandering through the vines throughout the year certainly gives you a sense of appreciation for the changing of the seasons in the vineyard. The fall of 2008 brought us one of the most intensely colored falls that I can recall in
Oregon. There are few things more beautiful than a vineyard in the fall with the combination of the symmetry of the rows and the painters pallet of color splashed over the leaves and grape clusters.

A photographer’s greatest challenge is to capture the mood, feeling and true colors of what the minds eye sees. Every once in a while you can successfully capture both and those are the images I hope to share with you!

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